Section H Vegetables Fruits Herbs

section h vegetables fruits herbs


To be staged in the Ram Pavilion
STEWARDS: Helen Kowald 0427 441 103 & Maria Boxall
Entries Close: Friday 27th October, 2017.

 section h vegetables fruits herbs
Most Points, Rob Byrne Trophy
Runner-Up Most Points, donated by Barry & Lyn Kowald
Champion Exhibit & Runner-Up, donated by Cut-n-Cote Katanning
Collection of Traditional Herbs, 1st & 2nd donated by Trevor and Helen Kowald
Collection of Vegetables, 1st & 2nd donated by Beau O’Halloran

CASH PRIZES Best Onions, Best Cabbage, Best Broad Beans, Best Beetroot, Best Pumpkin, Best Rhubarb, Best Silver Beet, Best Lettuce, Best Citrus, Best Eggs, – $5 each


Exhibits must be in place no later than 8:30am Saturday 28th October, 2017, at which time judging will commence. All exhibits must have been grown by the exhibitor and where possible be displayed on paper plates. Exhibits can be collected on Saturday 28th October between 6.00 & 7.00pm.


  1. Potatoes, 5
  2. Onions, White, 3
  3. Onions, Brown, 3
  4. Onions, Red, 3
  5. Spring Onions, bunch with bulbs, trimmed roots
  6. Shallots, bunch with bulbs
  7. Chives, bunch with bulbs
  8. Leek, 1, some leaf & roots trimmed
  9. Cabbage, Savoy (crinkly), 1, with leaves
  10. Red Cabbage, 1, with leaves
  11. Cabbage, any other variety, 1, with leaves
  12. Carrots, 3 – with short tops
  13. Peas, Greenfeast, plate of 6
  14. Peas, Snowpeas, plate of 6
  15. Broad Beans, 6 on a plate
  16. Beetroot, 3 on a plate – with some leaf
  17. Kale, 6 stalks
  18. Pumpkin, Butternut, 1
  19. Pumpkin, any other variety, 1
  20. Rhubarb, any variety, 6 stalks – with heel and some leaf (judged on variety)
  21. Silver Beet, white, 6 stalks
  22. Silver Beet, coloured, 6 stalks
  23. Broccoli, 1 head
  24. Lettuce, Iceberg, 1
  25. Lettuce, Any other variety, 1
  26. Any other vegetable not previously mentioned
  27. Oranges, 5
  28. Lemons, 5
  29. Grapefruit, 3
  30. Cauliflower, 1, with some leaves
  31. Almonds, plate of 10
  32. Almond kernels, plate of 10
  33. Any other nut, plate of 10
  34. Any other kernel, plate of 10
  35. 6 Eggs, white, in egg carton
  36. 6 Eggs, brown, in egg carton
  37. 6 Eggs, any other domestic – must be labelled
  38. Any other fruit not previously mentioned
  39. Most deformed or unusual fruit or vegetable
  40. Collection of traditional herbs in a basket (No more than 7 varieties, individually labelled)
  41. Collection of vegetables in a basket (No more than 7 varieties)

Juniors See Section Q 10

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 section h vegetables fruits herbs


 section h vegetables fruits herbs
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 section h vegetables fruits herbs

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 section h vegetables fruits herbs



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